Inflatable Water Slides: Private Water Slide in Your Yard

Everybody loves to play water slides, especially for children. It will give you thrilling and interesting experience. However, most water slides are found in Water Park. Sometime it is quite difficult to manage your time to get there. Don’t worry. You don’t have to go to Water Park for playing water slides. In fact, you can play water slides in your yard. It sounds like having private water slides. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. Have you heard about inflatable water slides?  Inflatable water slides will help you to own your private water slides in your yard. We are going to discuss about inflatable water slides and how it works.

Inflatable water slides

Inflatable water slide is type of water slide that need to be filled by some air before you can use it. So it is different from solid plastic water slide. Inflatable water slide is made of elastic and durable plastic. To make a bit solid to be used, you needed to pump some air through the tube. Due the size, it is recommended to use electric pump rather than using your own breath.

The Design

Commonly, inflatable water slides use simple design. Unlike the water slides that using flumes, the slide is made by the plastic that is tilted, so you can slide. It is also short slide. At least it will not as high as you can find in the water park. However, it is interesting and entertaining enough for the children. Usually, in the bottom of the slide, there will be a small pool where you can put some water on it. That water will be a finish spot. It is better than finish the slide on the ground.  Some designs also allow you to pump the air along the slide, so it will make the slide more slippery.

So, it is possible to have private water slide in your yard. Inflatable water slide can be a good option to make it possible. It will give an interesting experience for your children. Hopefully, this information can be a good reference for you.